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Icy Straight Point Whale Watching

Set sail and have a whale of a good time!

Quick Details

Ages 10+ Must have a minimum of four people for the tour
Private Charter Up to 6 people

Enjoy the beautiful sites and whale watching around Icy Strait Point

Amazing whale watching and wildlife viewing await you during your visit to Hoonah, Alaska, near Icy Strait Point. I can’t wait to share my knowledge of the humpback whales and the Hoonah area on this special tour. Our tour starts from the George Hull Boat Harbor in Hoonah, Alaska, which is only one mile from the Icy Strait Point cruise port.

More Information

• We will provide bottled water and hot beverages on board for guests.
• You may bring your own snacks and beverages to enjoy.
• Liquor beverages are not permitted.
• You can easily book online.
• Payment in full is required.
• Payments can be made by credit or debit card.